If you care about the future, you care about the kids

June 28, 2021

by Micah's Voice

Back to 2014, we worked closely with our friends from SEVENFRIDAY, a watch and lifestyle swiss brand, to create 100 watches to support the foundation. The proceeds of the first Micah’s Voice Limited Edition watch, went to the cause without any deductions from SEVENFRIDAY.

In 2016, we were keen to work together again on something new. Music resonated with everyone so the idea to design a guitar was formed. The SEVENFRIDAY design team used the Micah’s Voice watch as inspiration and applied the key design features to a blank guitar body. It was later auctioned off at the annual Micah’s Voice fundraiser raising a strong amount of money for the foundation after being signed by a few people attending the event; Martin Lawrence, Bruno Mars etc.

Now we proudly announce that the 24th of June 2021, we are launching together with SEVENFRIDAY a new watch, limited to 100 pieces, with once more the proceeds going towards the foundation to educate and support children and their families, suffering from autism spectrum disorder.

Not only will you get a brand new and original T-series watch from SEVENFRIDAY, but it will come with our new friend, Riley the Teddy Bear with an Attitude.

Thanks to our friends from SEVENFRIDAY!

2014: first watch designed by SEVENFRIDAY to support MCV – limited to 100 pcs – proceeds to the cause.

2016: SEVENFRIDAY created the first 7F x MCV guitar, inspired by the design of the first watch. It was later auctioned off at the annual Micah’s Voice fundraiser.

24th of June 2021: Launch of a new Limited Edition watch (100 pcs) – it comes with a teddy bear with an attitude, named Riley!

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