An Open Letter To 50 Cent

June 24, 2016

by Micah's Voice

50 Cent,

It was disappointing to see your recent YouTube post about the young man with autism. Shawn and I have twin boys and one of them is on the autism spectrum. While we understand that you may not have known this young man was on the spectrum, the harm and fear he felt can have a devastating effect on his future.

Our son is 12 years old and what happened in the video is the fear of every parent who has a child with autism. While we want them to be all that they can be, this type of behavior can take away years of therapy and be a major stumbling block in their development.

It is our goal to use Shawn's celebrity as a member of Boys II Men through our foundation,, to lend emotional and financial support to families so that they know their children have a chance. We also want to give "typical" people an opportunity to understand autism. The numbers are growing and you will find that 1 in every 68 boys is on the autism spectrum.

We hope you have the time to educate yourself, and your team, so that these types of situations can be averted. We respect you as an artist and only ask that you pass on that respect to those with developmental disabilities who deserve a chance.

Shawn & Sharhonda Stockman
Founders - Micah's Voice

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