Shawn Stockman: Blaming Autism for School Shootings “Stupid & Ignorant”

June 17, 2014

by Lincoln Anthony Blades / Uptown

While many of us know Shawn as an incredibly talented singer and performer, many do not yet know about his new role as an autism advocate. When Shawn discovered that one of his twin boys, Micah (his other son is Ty), had been diagnosed with autism, he immediately found himself having to confront something he never really thought about: his own ignorance on this disorder. “Nothing. I didn’t know a thing. I heard of it, but I never expected it to happen to my children”, he states.

But like any strong parents, he and his wife Sharonda did the one thing they felt was absolutely necessary: Educating themselves on their sons condition. Not only did they learn a lot, but they realized that providing awareness for other families dealing with the same issue was of critical importance too. “We used the information that we learned and all the mistakes that we made in figuring out what was best for our son, to try and help out by providing what we knew so people don’t have to make the same mistakes we did. They can just go right to the source, which is our website called”

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