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Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that appears in the first three years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills. Early diagnosis of autism reduces lifetime care costs by two-thirds.


The numbers aren’t always encouraging so Micah’s Voice was started to provide hope through financial support and community. We are all in this together and while there is currently no cure we live our lives each day with a smile.

Visit the resources page for more information on living with autism.

initials list

Below is a partial list of abbreviations that are commonly used when talking about autism. The full list of abbreviations is extensive and in constant development, but we feel these are all helpful to know and a good place to start.

ABC "autism behavior checklist" a diagnostic device for autism
AS "Asperger's Syndrome"
ASD "autism spectrum disorder"
CARS "childhood autism rating scale" a test developed to diagnose autism
CHAT "checklist for autism in toddlers"
DD "developmental disabilities"
DH "developmentally handicapped"
EEG "electroencephalogram" a test consisting of recording brainwaves and used to identify seizures
LD "learning disabled"
LSH "language, speech and hearing specialist"
LFA "low-functioning autism"
MRI "magnetic resonance imaging" a diagnostic tool that creates internal images of the selected parts of the body
MSDD "multi-system developmental disorder"
OCD "obsessive compulsive disorder"
PDD "pervasive developmental disorders"
PDD-NOS "pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified"
SIT "sensory integration therapy"
SLP "speech-language pathologist"
SSS "scotopic sensitivity syndrome"

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