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Autism is an Identity

Activists argue that rather than trying to ‘cure’ or treat the neurodivergent, society should learn to accept, appreciate, and accommodate their needs.

Females and Autism

This list is meant as a springboard for discussion and more awareness into the female experience with autism.

Autism Gives Me Superpowers

As I’m writing this piece, two men are sitting next to me talking about how disabled people should be killed. Seriously.
child of color with Autism

Autism in Communities of Color

ADDM reports have consistently noted that more white children are identified with ASD than black or Hispanic children.
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Children of Color with Autism Face Disparities of Care and Isolation

African-American children are often diagnosed with autism at older ages than white children, missing years of potential intervention and treatment.

The Boy Whose Brain Could Unlock Autism

Autism changed Henry Markram’s family. Now his Intense World theory could transform our understanding of the condition.
Stockmans on Autism ForumCisco

Autism Forum

Shawn and Sharhonda Stockman appear on an autism forum, streamed on April 18, 2019.

Oakland A’s unveil sensory room at Oakland Coliseum

As part of April’s National Autism Awareness Month, the Oakland A’s will unveil a new Sensory Room at the Oakland Coliseum on Tuesday, April 16 during the game versus the Houston Astros.