Our goal here at Micah's Voice is to provide services, opportunities and education concerning autism for families without the fiscal means to access such necessities.

SEVENFRIDAY, a prestigious watch brand known throughout the world is partnering with Micah's Voice in the FIRST phase of this endeavor to support children and young adults on the spectrum through donating the FULL proceeds of one hundred fabulous SEVENFRIDAY P3-MV Micah's Voice limited edition timepieces.

Through the application process and interview, the child or young adult will receive an evaluation, plan of treatment and TEN individualized treatments in:

*Speech/ Language Services
*Educational Support Services and Intervention
*Interactive Metronome & Neuro-Cognitive Linguistic Training

The Plan of Treatment will be based upon need and then be extended in part of whole under the grant as indicated and necessary for each individual.

Fax completed applications fax to:

Sharhonda Stockman

Download the physical application here, or fill out the digital application below. If you are having any problems download or filling out the application, please email info@micahsvoice.org.

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